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At Meridian Press we have been producing high quality, afforably priced wedding stationery since 1979. Our family-run printing company has been selling wedding stationery from our website since 2005.

With a large range to choose from we're sure that you will find something individual and affordable that fits in with the theme as well as the style of your wedding. Browse the different ranges we supply and benefit from our quick and easy online ordering service. Don't forget, that we provide a guest name printing service which, unlike most of our competitors is completely free of charge.

View our exclusive 2014 Spring Collection

Spring is finally here. The birds are singing and the cherry trees are in blossom so we have gathered together our finest spring collection of luxurious wedding stationery for 2014.

Featured wedding stationery
Rose Pocket

A rose themed pocket with a vintage feel. The pocket comes complete with an invitation and postcard style reply card. Choose from 4 different coloured roses.

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Precious Heart

The precious heart invitation consists of an outer wallet which contains the wedding invite, reply card and guest info card. The outer wallet is decorated with embossed pastel lilles and silver foiled detail around an embossed silver heart and then tied with a white satin ribbon.

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Butterfly Wallet

This butterfly themed wallet style invitation consists of an outer wallet containing the main invitation and postcard style reply card tied together with a fine satin ribbon.

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Most wedding stationery orders are despatched within 10 working days

Free guest name printing

On most of our wedding stationery we can now professionally print your guests names for no extra charge. Why not amaze your guests with an invitation individually printed with their name on it.

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Latest blog post - Thoughts on traditional letterpress printing

In the past few years there has been something of a renaissance for letterpress printing amongst boutique wedding stationers. Interestingly many of them describe this as traditional letterpress printing, which isn't quite as accurate a description as it would first appear. As much as we love this new wave of letterpress printing there are many differences between it and traditional letterpress.

Tony, here at Meridian Press trained as an apprentice letterpress compositor back in the 1960s and pointed out to me one of the biggest differences. If you've had any experience with modern letterpress the first thing that you would notice which is also the key feature that distinguishes it from digital printing is the debossed lettering. For a traditional letterpress printer making such a heavy impression into the stock and producing any indentation at all into the paper would have resulted in the print run being rejected. Part of the skill of a letterpress printer would have been to get the machine pressures just right so that the type just kissed the paper transferring the minimum amount of ink to create the crispest print with no indentation. This was actually quite important as when the print exited the machine and was stacked having too much wet ink and an indentation would have increased the risk of set off (ink passing from the front of one sheet onto the back of the next sheet on the stack).

The next big difference is type, or the lack of it. You see, most letterpress printers these days use metal blocks or polymer plates to print and no longer use moveable type. The kind of quirky designs that are associated with letterpress printing nowadays would have been impossible to produce using traditional moveable type.

As you can see letterpress printing as seen today isn't quite as traditional as you would have thought. It is in fact more of a reinterpretation or maybe a homage to traditional letterpress. That's not to say it isn't interesting, and in many cases quite beautiful, it's just not traditional letterpress.

If you're interested in the history of letterpress printing you could take a look at the british letterpress website.

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Wedding invites - designs, themes and ideas

As leading producers of wedding invitations in the UK we aim to ensure our customers are able to choose from a wide collection of designs, themes, styles and colours - so whether your wedding is classic or contemporary in style, we are sure to have a variety of suitable options for you.

We understand that tying the knot is going to be one of the most memorable experiences of your lives, and that it can often be daunting to try and organise your ideal wedding ceremony and reception. This is why we have designed our site so that our customers can make the ordering of elegant wedding invitations as simple as possible.

Many of our bespoke wedding invitations also come with matching orders of service, evening invites, reply cards, place cards and menus. We can also provide beautiful finishes to our stationery, with satin bows and embossed silver foil rings. If you order our wedding invites you will be receiving professionally finished stationery, not a self assembly kit.

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After a lot of internet searching I found this Company that offered personalisation stationary. The website was easy to use and order. Within 3 days of ordering over...

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Quality Invitations & Excellent Service!!!!

Excellent service all round! We had to phone because we had difficulty with the website. We dealt with a chap called Michael Beverley and he could not have been more...

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